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CurrencyFair offers excellent rates made possible through its money transfer marketplace.

About CurrencyFair

CurrencyFair services 150+ countries with a main focus on the British, Irish, Australian, German, French and American expats as well as Non-Resident Indians and living in these nations. CurrencyFair is able to accept multiple currencies for each country.

CurrencyFair features a marketplace known as the Exchange. On the CurrencyFair Exchange, customers can set the desired rate they want for their currency. The system matches users based on the best rates available. This makes CurrencyFair the only true Peer-to-Peer money transfer provider around. Many times the rates on the Exchange beat CurrencyFair’s own rates. If you do not need your currency immediately and have time to wait for the best rate, you can try out the Exchange.

What We Think About CurrencyFair


Regulated in Singapore and different parts of the world it operates
CurrencyFair has low, flat fees
Dedicated customer support team


Limited number of supported countries
Only bank transfers and debit card payments are allowed

How Do I Get Started with CurrencyFair?

step 1
Open an account - Set up an account and get verified
step 2
Indicate amount, currency and bank details transfer
step 3
Send your money through a bank account to CurrencyFair


CurrencyFair is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore under the Money-Changing and Remittance Businesses Act. This regulation governs foreign exchange and money remittance. View more here.

Customer Reviews

Communication was very good and funds transferred without a hitch. Excellent rate of exchange too. - Noel Whelan

Very helpful in setting up account and best $$$ rate I could find. - Bill Griffins

CurrencyFair is dedicated to using innovation to make money transfers affordable and easy. CurrencyFair is one of the many providers on Send4x that is constantly looking to expand its value offerings.

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