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Send4x helps you compare money transfer services so you can find the best way to send money or the cheapest way to send money depending on your criteria. Here are some commonly asked questions about our services.

Yes. Send4x only lists authorised providers with licenses in the countries in which they operate.

No, Send4x is not a money transfer/ remittance provider. Send4x is a platform that helps you find the best way to send money abroad, by allowing you to compare fees charged by money transfer providers the market. Simply select the best provider based on your needs to be redirected to start your money transfer.

Banks are usually not the best way to make international money transfers. Although they generally charge low or no fees, the exchange rates they offer are often poor. Send4x brings transparency by displaying total fees involved in the money transfer for easy comparison.

Send4x is 100% free for users - there are no hidden costs from downloading and using the mobile or desktop application.

Send4x adopts a commission-based business model. We receive a commission when a Send4x user sends money using one of our money transfer providers. As a user, you will never be charged more than if you made the transfer with the provider directly.

Send4x displays total fees involved in the money transfer for easy comparison. This may include the transfer fee and the charges incurred from the exchange rate used (compared against the mid-market exchange rate). Select the lowest priced money transfer provider that fulfills your requirements (i.e. sending method, receipt method, etc.).

Select the country of origin and the destination. Set your desired currencies and amount to send. Subsequently, compare results for the best rates for transfer and send money online.

Send4x helps money transfer providers promote their services and acquire new customers efficiently.

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