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What is Send4x?

Discover the cheapest way to transfer money abroad with Send4x. Send4x allows you to compare money transfer services, including costs, speed and method of sending or receiving.

The Problem with Remittance

Globally, remittance has grown 7 percent to USD$613 billion in 2017 from 2016, and this growth is expected to continue. The high cost of remittances however, continues to be a problem, especially so since 75% of remittances goes to developing countries.

According to the World Bank, the single factor that continues to keep prices high is the lack of transparency in the money transfer industry. These costs vary based on both sending and receiving methods, fees charged by money transfer operators, and a gamut of other related factors.

Why Send4x was created?

Send4x aims to make money transfer more affordable for all by fostering greater price transparency in the remittance industry. Through Send4x, users will have greater flexibility and choice when it comes to money transfer.

Send4x is created by 4xLabs, a fintech that provides innovative foreign exchange solutions for financial and professional services through Biz4x. 4xLabs is also the creative force behind Get4x, a platform for comparing and discovering the best cash exchange rates.

How Does Send4x Work?

step 1
Select Countries
Select the country of origin and the destination
step 2
Set Currencies
Set your desired currencies and amount
step 3
Compare results for the best rates for transfer and send money online

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